3 Stories Of Bloggers Who’s Lives Were Put At Risk Because Of Their Content

Januari 02, 2017

The world wide web can be a dangerous place. With people becoming braver behind a computer screen and armed with a keyboard, it seems comments are turning into real threats. Here are 3 times that bloggers were faced with the possibility of physical harm, simply because of the content they create.

Vegan Blogger Quits Veganism

Jordan Younger was the beautiful face behind the popular vegan blog, “The Blonde Vegan.” However, she made an announcement that blindsided her followers and angered the vegan community. After realizing that her obsession with food had become an eating disorder, she decided to embrace other foods, such as eggs and fish. She knew there would be backlash but she had no idea what kind of threats and violence would be thrust upon her. In fact, some even threatened to kill her if she didnt immediately chsnge the name of her blog.

“Certain leaders in the raw vegan community turned their back on me so violently,” Younger says. “People I know personally, who I have collaborated with. One blogger began lashing out and leading an army, commenting hateful things in the middle of the night. Some vegans have this cult-like mentality—it turned me off of the lifestyle.”

Younger changed her social media channels to “The Blonde Veggie.” She is still looking for the perfect name for her blog.

Man Offers Reward For Autistic Blogger’s Death

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